Our work respects and appreciates differences in: ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, physical or mental challenges, faith/religion, LGBTQ2, education as well as socio/economic.


We bring a wealth of experience to our work with individuals and groups and what we have learned remains constant is that all of us walk around with varying degrees of fear, hurt and anger inside our heads and hearts. Some carry old pain, while others are currently coping with difficult and challenging situations. With you, we look for solutions and ways to make changes. Trends and quick fixes come and go, but real problem solving lasts. And can be handed down to the next generation.

Our experience has shown us  that what helps with inner turmoil, depression or confusion is taking the time from busy schedules to sit with a counsellor. Talking and reflecting in a non-judgmental environment about the life one is really living and the changes one needs to make is often the first step.

We provide a supportive, safe and comfortable setting in which you can think and explore the options and alternatives that are best for you. Change is always within our reach. 

Professional Developmen

We work with not-for-profit agencies, school boards, and government departments and offer half-day, one or two day workshops which have been designed to meet their current training needs.

Parenting Workshops 

Over the years, many parenting workshops have been designed and given around Metro Vancouver sponsored by a wide variety of community agencies.

A current focus and interest is in offering two to three hour workshops on The Romance of Alcohol versus the Reality of Drinking and Driving. This is an especially important topic for parents with young drivers or anyone wanting to prevent themselves from experiencing the current ICBC prohibitions against impaired driving.

Keynote Address and Lectures 

Designed specifically for your business, community agency, Parent Advisory Committee, neighbourhood groups, etc.