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Stop Arguing and Start Problem Solving

Relationship difficulties

Avoiding the climb leaves you attached to the problem longer.

Both women and men talk about having arguments with others. But few talk about problem solving with others. There are lots of articles and books on fair fighting, but I prefer to delete the phrase fair fighting and have people focus on problem solving and stop the fighting.

If when you have the urge to fight, you do any of these seven suggestions below, chances are better that the problem that is the focus of the argument could be improved. There is a big bonus to actually solving problems which is that once you solve one or two problems, a third or fourth often simply disappear. Continue reading

Building and Re-building Better Relationships with Teens

teenpathDr. William Glasser (1925-2013) constantly reminded everyone who reads any of his books (see Resources) , or who took or is currently taking any of the training in Choice Theory that we can only control ourselves. And when parenting a newly minted teen or one who is further along the path to their 20’s, remembering this or even believing this can be challenging.

The following article will give you seven points that can help build or rebuild a better relationship with teens and youth. Continue reading